Speaking or hosting

Are you interested in speaking at one of our meetups or do you know a great location to host one of our meetups? Awesome!

You can reach out to us by DM on Twitter and we’ll get back to you. We do have a couple of guidelines to determine if your talk is suited for our meetup or your space can be used to host us.


All talks should be given in English and about 30 minutes long. Besides that JavaScript is the only requirement.

We’re a framework agnostic meetup group, so topics about any framework, or no framework at all are welcome. Backend or frontend, jQuery plugins or Handlebars performance tricks, basically anything goes. Just don’t come to promote your product/service/company (don't mention you're hiring, we're not a recruitement group).

We don’t require any speaker level or credentials to verify.


We’re pretty easy in terms of hosting our meetup.

We’re looking for locations in Ghent that can host about 30-50 people. We can limit the amount of attendees based on what your location allows, but this is what we aim for.

Speakers should be able to project their slides/code/presentation to the audience. An audio setup with speakers is only necessary when the space is too big to be used without a microphone.

Parking space for cars, bikes, … is a nice to have. Providing food is definitely not a requirement.